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Petite fille indienne à l'école


Education is the key to break the cycle of poverty and to integrate the society.

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Scholarship in India is mandatory up to standard IX (age 13-14 years old). The family of most of the children from underpriviledged backgrounds do not have the financial means to send their children to the primary school. We provide these children all the school supplies, uniforms, shoes, pencils and notebooks.

We provide qualified teachers, such as Computer Science, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. We introduced English courses, sport activities and tuition support.  
To face any situation, we hired social workers to cope with social issues.

With this approach, we assure an equal treatment for the underpriviledged children.

In all our action, we include the Head Mistress and the Panchayat.

Filles et garçons à l'école en Inde

Let your heart speak !

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