With the generous support of OAK Foundation


Heart for India Foundation is a NGO and acts since 2005 in Chennai - India.


Heart for India supports 5 governmental schools and a vocational training center for young women.


In total, this represents 3,200 students who access to Education and receive a second meal every day distributed by HFI, as part of their school program. 


"Breaking the cycle of poverty through Education, Breaking illiteracy and Restoring " a place in the society for underprivileged people", this is the challenge of the foundation, step by step, based on an successful model which is based on 5 pillars: education, nutrition, health and hygiene, safety and the environment.

In line with the United Nations "SDGs"

The Foundation fulfills 12 of the 17 the United Nations sustainable development goals.

No Malnutrition!


No Malnutrition for our 3’200 kids!
Despite the lockdown we have obtained the right to distribute food kits to our students. Thank you to HFI staff for their involvement.

Share luck around you!


Think of our four leaf clovers!

By offering our 10 CHF can, you are distributing 65 meals for our children in India!