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Our 360° Model


Au fil des ans, Heart for India a élaboré un Modèle de réussite, dit à 360°, basé sur 5 piliers :




Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and to participating as a citizen in the world's largest democracy and fighting inequality.


97% of children pass their school year 2020-2021.


The Foundation decided to introduce a meal and a snack everyday in each school, which lead to exceptional results: the rate of attendance of pupils in class rose from 40% to 98% and, above all, the rate of malnutrition fell to practically zero.



Heart For India has introduced and finance Sports, Meditation and Yoga classes in all schools by hiring teachers, providing equipments and outfits and organizing inter-school competitions.

Young women also participate in dedicated Karate and Self-Defense classes.

Regarding hygiene in schools, HFI employs village women for general maintenance. The first actions implemented were the construction of toilets and the arrival of running water.


To protect the children, HFI :

  • Build compound walls to ensure the security of the children, the classrooms and materials inside the school.
  • Level the ground to avoid flood during the monsoon or heavy rains and secure it by taking out the hazards such as rocks, metal bars, glasses….
  • Evacuate wastewaters to avoid mosquitos which can transmit the Dengue, Chikungunya or Malaria
  • Hire Day and night watchmen in schools.



The Foundation is focusing on sustainable projects and we are really proud of HFI "Green Teams" at Kovilabakkam and we would like to develop the same project în all schools. These volunteers preserve their own environment, maintain the school clean, and take care of plants and save water.

A kitchen garden was created by the students of Kovilambakkam who maintain it and harvest the fruits and vegetables themselves.