With the generous support of OAK Foundation

Heart for India MEET 12 out of 17 United Nations sustainable development goals

Cut the cycle of poverty through Education

Daily help of 3'200 kids and 130 young women all underpriveleged


Awards Winning Schools

Such as "Model Schools" or "Best teacher" in Tamil Nadu

93% success rate on average


47 Local Employees

HFI employs 47 people every day with good salaries and they benefit of good working conditions.

No Malnutrition

A second meal is distributed to every students at the end of school.

566'000 repas distributed in 2019 


 Women Empowerment

Boys are educated to respect their teachers and girls schoolmate from an early age

Uniforms and Shoes

Students receive uniforms and shoes

which break the inequalities.

Sports and Hygiene

Sports sessions, Yoga, Meditation and Karaté for all the kids every week.

Medical and dental care controls.

 Drinkable Water

All the schools have an access to drinkable waters and wasted water is evacuated. 

100% Transparency - Long term- Confidence

The HFI team supervises, controls and manages all the finances and the budget from Geneva. 


Student volunteers proudly form our "Green Teams".

These teams are for us:

Our relays: The Green Teams have the role of Spokespersons and Guides of good conduct to their classmates.

Our green hands: They are in charge of maintaining plants, planting trees, maintaining the "Kitchen Garden"


Our hopes: The enthusiasm of the students allows us to believe in a more environmentally friendly future