Your daily puchases contribute to

the funding of our programs


Support Heart For India for free and effortless with your daily purchases.


With the Cornèrcard Heart for India Gold Visa, you participate to finance our programs each time you use it.


Cornèrcard transfers 0.5% of all your transactions to the Foundation at no cost to you.


As a result you participate in improving the living conditions and education of underprivileged children and young women.


Only Swiss residents can register and receive a Cornèrcard Gold Visa but if you leave abroad we have a prepaid card made for you.


You just have to do as usual and you support the children and young women of Heart for India every day. Optionally, you can also send additional donations on a quarterly or annual basis.



 It has never been easier to help us...

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You can download the form directly or feel free to send us a request  below for additional questions. 

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