Our World Ambassador

Chef Vineet Bhatia

@MasterChef 2020

Lunch by Vineet - Everest Base Camp 2019

He became the first Michelin-starred Indian chef, co-owner of an empire of 12 restaurants and food consultant to two of the world's leading aviation specialists, Qatar Airways and British Airways. 

In early 2020, he became Chief Judge in the famous show Masterchef India. In 2019, he opened Kama by Vineet at the famous Harrods in London after having achieved the feat of cooking for the benefit of HFI on the highest base camp in Everest. 

Vineet said that `` the wonderful thing about growing up in Bombay was the eclectic influence around you. It is a melting point of culinary delights from all regions of India. I would describe myself as an international Indian whose inspiration is deeply rooted in India with an ever-burning desire to put Indian cuisine first. '' 


When the unique dining experience sounds generous,

Princesse Françoise Sturdza -

Chef Vineet Bhatia-

Princesse Christine Sturdza

" Une Nuit dans le Palais d'un Mahardja" - Genève 2017

By Vineet 

Un Dîner Royal avec les Joyaux de la Gastronomie -  Genève 2018

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The Angels of the Heart are world famous. They get involved in our events, represent the Foundation and expand the circle of friends of HFI. Their notoriety helps us a lot and we thank them for their precious support.

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