Princess Françoise Sturdza

Founder and President


“When I first came to India in 2000, I got a connection and immediately felt that it was my second home. I was so impressed by the will of these people to work under any conditions. Day after day, it became so clear in my mind that I would set up my charity here in India, it was meant to be.

More than 13 YEARS already that we work together. The way is sometimes easy, sometimes very hard nevertheless our united Hearts have done a fantastic work.”




In 2009, Princess Françoise Sturdza received the “Global Citizen Karmaveer Puraskaar Award”, from ICON-GO (Indian Confederation of NGO’s) in recognition of the work achieved by the Foundation in India for underprivileged children.

Princess Françoise Sturdza has received the “Social Entrepreneur Award” by the Society for the Upliftment of the Economically Backward.