The team


HFI is lead by people who make this Foundation live every day, who manage the programs on the ground, who raise funds etc...

Minnie Abraham

Manager - India


Stephanie Lacroix

Manager - Switzerland

Want to join HFI as a volunteer?

Want to support our programs but wondering how?

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone: +41 22 310 32 81 or by email:


Heart Angels are well known worldwide. They get involved in our events, talk about the Foundation to the entire world and try to enlarge the HFI's circle of friends. Their notoriety helps us a lot and we thank them for their support.

Adam Rodriguez



Rahul Bose


Jean & Mireille Troillet


Didier et Sabine Defago



John Abraham

Usain Bolt

Richard Branson

Josh Brolin

Laura Chaplin

Richard Cocciante

Johnny Depp

Sanjay Dutt

John Gloster

Tara Jarmon




 Amjad Ali Khan

Amaan Ali Bangash Khan

Ayaan Ali Bangash Khan

Tom Kristensen

Stella Mccartney


Fern Mallis

Anthony Mandler

Nick Mason

Odd Nerdrum


Vanessa Paradis

Bertrand Piccard

Caren Pfleger

Nicolas Prost

Pria Kataaria Puri

Jacques Rougeries

Jackie Shroff

Umberto Tozzi

Oprah Winfrey