step by step, one goes very far



In HFI Governemental Schools

  • 93% is the success rate (percentage of the children who pass their exams and join the higher class) in the Governmental Schools sponsored by HFI against 40% initially.
  • 70% of the children left school after lunch in order to try to grab few rupees to get some food for the evening. Thanks to HFI nutrition programs, the percentage is now down to 2%.
  • Two of our schools have been nominated “Model Schools” for all India. These schools are now visited by Executives from all over India to study our methods.
  • In January 2017, the Amman Nagar Balwadi has won the National Award for best Balwadi in the district, which is the highest Education award that can be distributed in the country.

In HFI Training Programs

  • 98% of the Young Women trained by HFI programs pass their diploma
  • 100% of them find a permanent job thanks to the quality of our Training Centers.
  • One of them receives, every year, a one-year scholarship to study in an American University. The level of this competition is very high because the U.S Embassy offers this unique opportunity to one girl only in each state of India.