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Media et Récompenses Françoise Sturdza


The Founder, Princess Françoise STURDZA, received several awards and appeared in various media for her actions with the Heart for India Foundation.


2006 Guest of Honor Award from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management - Chennai
2009 Nutrition program Award from Tamil Panchayat - Chennai
2009 Global Citizen Karmaveer Puraskaar for the 360 ° Model School by iCON-GO Conclave - Dehli
2010 Social Entrepreneurship Honoring Award from SUEB - Chennai
2013 Sport Meeting for Kovilambakkam Tournament Award -Chennai
2014 Best School Model in Amman Nagar Award - Chennai
2015 Participation and speaker at the Rex Conclive of iCON-GO Award
2017 "Shakseeyat" Award in International Category - Mumbai
2017 "Spectrum" for the Vocational Training Center YWCA - Chennai
2018 The Gold Medal of “Ligue Universelle du Bien Public” in Paris - France.
2019 The "Karmaveer Puaskaar Maharatna Award", ICON-GO (Indian Confederation of NGO's)
            CtrlS, United Nation partner, Delhi
2020 Award of Excellence - Lions Clubs International - Chennai - India
2020 Award of Excellence - Panchayat Union Primary School - Nanmangalam - India
2020 Celebration of 15 years of the HFI's Project Government School work - Tamil-Nadu

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