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Nutrition des enfants en Inde


A balanced nutrition is essential for the child's mental growth and development

60 % of shool absenteism and drop-out is the need for childred to leave school in the afternoon to grab few rupies for the evening meal.

The State of Tamil Nadu distributes a daily lunch composed with rice and one egg for the children attending the school.

To avoid absenteeism after lunch, we distributre at 4 p.m. a second meal to all the sudent.

The action of the Government linked with our meal distribution has an extremly positive result : the children remain in school and the result are exceptionals.

In a few schools, we also provide breakfast. This program allows children to study all day without fear of sleeping on an empty stomach.

The attendance rate of the students went from 40 % to 98 % and, most importantly, the malnutrition rate has dropped to 0%. The success rate  of the examinations has come up to 92 % to 100 % in the schools.

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