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indiennes qui font du sport à l'école


Regular physical activity, good hygiene and good care are essential for children to be 
healthy and balanced.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

In order to protect the children from infections and diseases , Heart for India  has built sanitary facilities, given access to running water and provided first and medical aid to the pupils.

Sport is compulsary for a good development. Heart for India has introduced soccer, athletism, kabbadi*, volleyball to increase team spirit , respect, discipline and personal improvement. It contributes to a better muscular and cardiac development.  They discover new abilities, passion, limits and gain self-confidence.


To improve the student’s concentration,the Foundation has introduced yoga and meditation before attending classes,  

We provide Karate and Self-Defence classes to the girls students. Karate teach them how to defend  themselves if necessary.  It gives them the ability to be mentally stronger and confident.

«Practicing martial arts help in improving strenght, flexibilty, stamina as well as balanceand coordination between the mind and the body»

W. Kiran Kisku, HFI Karate Teacher, A Case Study of A.S Krishnamurthy

The teams, boys and girls, participate to many tournaments in all disciplines. It open their minds to social exchange and improve their abilities to go beyond limits. 


* Kabbadi comes from a Hindi word meaning "to hold one's breath" and is a mixture of rugby and wrestling.

indiens au sport à l'école
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