Sponsor a child

3'200 underprivileged children
can now access to Education thanks to HFI’s donors.

You want to be part of them , HOW ?


Student Children for a scholar year :

110 $ per Child

1 Day of Nutrition for the 3'200 Children :

1000 $ a day

1 Student Child meals for a year :

57 $ per scholar year

 >  1 year of Self-Defense & Karate lesson

      for 60 Girl Students :

35 $ per Girl



If you are a USA resident, you can donate with tax exemption by clicking here

HFI's Nutrition Program


Nutrition is the key element for HFI’s education projects to succeed. By distributing a Snack, results came fast : 98% of Children are now staying the entire day to school, whereas 70% of them where leaving at mid-day before HFI intervened.
Since 2005, 5'337'750 meals have been distributed by the Foundation.


Scholar Year expenses


During a school year, Heart for India Foundation takes in charge : Uniforms and shoes, Exam fees, Books and stationery, Sport sets, Teachers, Tuition teacher and School equipment, including IT system.


Self-defense & Karate

Heart for India has implemented Karate lessons for 60 girl students in one of our schools. Karate classes aim t
o empower these girls by getting self-confident and stronger.